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Quartz Composite Kitchen SinksOne choice to consider when picking out a new sink for your kitchen or bathroom is Quartz Composite. A rather recent development, Quartz Composite is made of real stone and resin, but costs less than solid stone.

Like natural stone, Quartz Composite sinks are very durable, though they are prone to scuffs. However, because they feature color all the way through, scuffs and burns can easily be sanded out. Because these sinks are not real stone, hot pans and direct cutting should be avoided, but dropped dishes and normal use will not crack or chip a Quartz Composite sink. Over time you're glossy Quartz Composite sink may dull, but the shine can always be brought back by resealing. Cleaning should only be done with water and a rag as cleaning agents could damage or discolor a Quartz Composite sink over time.

If you're looking for a natural granite or marble look, and like the durability of stone but don't want to pay the price, Quartz Composite is a great choice. They come in glossy and matte finishes and resemble the stone in which they're partially made with. They're still a steep initial investment, but they're sure to add worth to your home.

Quartz Composite sinks are very heavy and should be installed by professionals. Also, it should be noted that your countertops have enough strength to support the new weight of your sink.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)