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About Kraus

Although much of Kraus' inspiration descends from European styles, Kraus USA is headquartered in Port Washing, NY. The company has been extremely successful finding their way in everything from online stores to brick and mortar showrooms. One of the many reasons they are becoming so well known is because their designs are always cutting edge. They pride themselves on being leader in kitchen and bathroom design with everything from elegant sinks to modern faucets. They state that they have the most complete range of styles, from classic and understated to daring and fashion forward.

Not only is Kraus known for their elegant designs but additionally they are known for an uncompromising quality with a durability that you can feel. They want you to feel the undeniable quality of a Kraus product when you pick one up. This quality comes from years of manufacturing fixtures and sinks. One can see their quality from their faucet to their stainless steel, rust and corrosion resistant sinks fortifying homes with sleek eleganct and durable products.

Kraus is excellent at achieving high value at a low cost. The company spans 3 continents and has believes they have became a leading brand bridging the gap from the industrial age production into a new global age of manufacturing. They understand and value their predecessors but know they can continually move forward using the finest materials and people in the industry. Because of this dedication, Kraus will always be an industry leading brand offering superior quality products at a great value.


Kraus Testimonials

  • "I ordered a Kraus bathroom combination from Zigsby's Kitchen and absolutely loved it. I couldn't find a faucet style I liked until I saw the Kraus offered here and when I got it out of the box, I was in love. I definitely made the right choice and love my Kraus faucet and glass vessel sink!"
    Sara Gardner,
    Fort Myers, FL

  • "I couldn't be happier with my Kraus kitchen sink. It's a great quality sinks at an affordable price...and my wife loves it."
    Brian Hainey,
    Akron, OH

  • "I've been buying Kraus sinks for years to stock my showroom. I have everything from designers to homeowners purchasing these sinks. I am definitely happy with all the attention they get."
    Eleanor Burke,
    Richmond, VA

  • "I just love the variety of the bathroom faucets offered here by Kraus. These faucets are so unique and stylish at the same time. We just received our KBF-1300 and it is spectacular. We couldn't be happier!"
    Dan Horth,
    Cloverdale, BC