C-Tech-I Kitchen and Bath Products

C-Tech-I is a manufacturer of European inspired luxury kitchen and bath products. Their products deliver the latest designs made to enhance your lifestyle and functionality, whether it be in your kitchen or bath. C-Tech offers several limited collections designed in Italy with the finest stainless steel. Most notably is the "Linea Imperial," which was developed in collaboration with Italy's renowned designer and historian Giovanni Sanremo. This line of sinks offers unmatched elegance and style. The "Linea Bellagio" is an exclusive new generation of sinks specifically designed for all solid surface materials. The "Zampina" line of stainless steel sinks developed to satisfy all market requirements on a global level.

C-Tech-I is one of Zigsby's Kitchen's most popular brands. If you have any questions about the C-Tech products offered or you do not see one you are looking for please contact us at (877) 792-9310 and a sales representative will assist you in finding the right C-Tech-I product for you.

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  1. C-Tech-I LI-1900
    C-Tech-I LI-1900
    Special Price $489.99 You Save: 16%
  2. C-Tech-I LI-2000
    C-Tech-I LI-2000
    Special Price $599.99 You Save: 17%
  3. C-Tech-I LI-2100
    C-Tech-I LI-2100
    Special Price $629.99 You Save: 17%
  4. C-Tech-I LI-2400
    C-Tech-I LI-2400
    Special Price $279.99 You Save: 7%
  5. C-Tech-I LI-2900
    C-Tech-I LI-2900
    Special Price $389.99 You Save: 13%
  6. C-Tech-I LI-3000
    C-Tech-I LI-3000
    Special Price $459.99 You Save: 15%
  7. C-Tech-I LI-3000-S
    C-Tech-I LI-3000-S
    Special Price $429.99 You Save: 16%
  8. C-Tech-I LI-2200-S
    C-Tech-I LI-2200-S
    Special Price $739.99 You Save: 19%
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