C-Tech-I Kitchen and Bath Products

C-TECH-I is a manufacturer of European inspired luxury kitchen and bath products. Their products deliver the latest designs made to enhance your lifestyle and functionalality, whether it be your kitchen and/ or bath. C-TECH-I offers several limited collections, designed in Italy with the finest stainless steel. "Linea Bellagio" is an exclusive new generation of sinks specifically designed for all solid surface materials. "Zampina" a line of stainless steel sinks developed by C-TECH-I made to satisfy all market requirements on a global level. In collaboration with Italy's renowned designer and historian Giovanni Sanremo, C-TECH-I has created the "Imperial Line" of sinks, offering unmatched elegance and style.

C-Tech-I is one of Zigsby's Kitchen's most popular brands. If you have any questions about the C-Tech products offered or you do not see one you are looking for please contact us at (877) 792-9310 and a sales representative will assist you in finding the right C-Tech-I product for you.

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  1. C-Tech-I LI-1100
    C-Tech-I LI-1100
    Special Price $859.99 You Save: 20%
  2. C-Tech-I LI-1200
    C-Tech-I LI-1200
    Special Price $999.99 You Save: 20%
  3. C-Tech-I LI-1900-R
    C-Tech-I LI-1900-R
    Special Price $579.99 You Save: 17%
  4. C-Tech-I LI-2000-R
    C-Tech-I LI-2000-R
    Special Price $719.99 You Save: 19%
  5. C-Tech-I LI-2100-R
    C-Tech-I LI-2100-R
    Special Price $739.99 You Save: 19%
  6. C-Tech-I LI-2400-R
    C-Tech-I LI-2400-R
    Special Price $279.99 You Save: 7%
  7. C-Tech-I LI-2900-R
    C-Tech-I LI-2900-R
    Special Price $489.99 You Save: 16%
  8. C-Tech-I LIX-800
    C-Tech-I LIX-800
    Special Price $959.99 You Save: 20%
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